December 4, 2018
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Why you should cultivate your social media instead of hunting clients?
by Taras Prystatsky
cultivate your social media instead of hunting clients

It is not a secret there were a lot of radical shifts in the history of mankind. Moving from hunting to farming is the one that determined the structure of our society. This shift was also a great management solution, as it has put a stop to an enormous waste of time and resources. Hunting is not efficient and scalable, while farming is a much better long-term strategy.

Then, why do we still use hunting when it comes to marketing? Companies compete with each other desperately, just to reach a particular client. Still, no one likes to be a prey, so the client eventually runs away.

hunting clients

Luckily, the digital era is here. Audience cultivation has never been so easy. With all of the social media and analytic tools, even an amateur farmer would be able to harvest hot and relevant leads.

Here is a brief “how-to” for you to get acquainted with the cultivation process:

1. Choose your crops. If you just start cultivating everything you will find in the local farm shop, you will not be cultivating anything. Do primary research and try to figure out what is the platform your prospects’ are using. When it comes to B2B, we would recommend LinkedIn, but the popular ones are not the only answer.  

2. Start planting. The great thing about social media marketing is that your content can be beneficial over time. Every piece of information you share will catch someone’s attention. The only necessary condition – the content must be useful.

3. Be patient. Hasty conclusions is a bad thing, especially when it comes to cultivation. You have to pay attention to your community, even if it is not strong and concrete yet. Let people determine their own norms and attitudes, and you will receive your own ecosystem.

4. Go for trade. A lot of companies are disappointed by their SMM-campaigns because they seem not to bring enough profit. Being client-centric allows you to build a loyal community that would be glad to pay for your product or service. All you have to do is to make sure that clients will benefit from it.

5. Change your crops. Just like farmers don’t grow the same crops on the same parcel of land every season, you should not overuse the same channel. The digital industry is changing rapidly so you have to be open to new experiments.
Back in 2007, there were no company pages on Twitter. In 2006, you were not able to have your Facebook account (unless you were a student).

Using this cycle, you would be able to grow your social media audience while raising brand awareness and building customer loyalty.

Please remember that creating useful content will allow you to build a relevant audience. Letting this audience set their own rules and values will create your identity. Broadcasting your identity will create you a strong brand image, thus building an even stronger community.

Do not be a hunter, be a farmer. Here at Respect.Studio, we are happy to be your local farm shop. ?

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