Do you want to focus on your main business while passively having a stable flow of prospects interested in your product or service? Here at respect.studio we do our best to help you with that. On our end, we have a well-trained team that is ready to execute a strategy written especially for your case. All that is left is for you is to take those hot leads and finish the sale.

Target audience setup
Resource optimization
Connection with TA
Together with you we define your target audience as precisely as possible. We look for places they visit and topics they might be interested in. Based on this we choose resources we will use later on.
We take over your social media resources (LinkedIn profile, Company page, etc.) that were chosen during the previous step and make sure they are fully prepared for an efficient marketing campaign.
Once your resources are set up we begin to connect with your target audience. Usually we use personal profiles for that.
We prepare sales scripts (sequence of messages) and send them to our new connections. Those might be direct sales messages or more complex solutions with a very personal approach.
In parallel, we add information about all connections to the spreadsheet on a daily basis. This includes personal data (name, company, email, etc.), a current status of the conversation and a direct link to dialogue with this prospect.
On the weekly basis, we send a report which contains all the data that can be used to keep track of the strategy and optimize it.

Excpected results

Hot leads

that are ready to be picked up by your sales team

Strong online resources

with thousands of people from your target audience, which you can later use for different purposes

TA database

which can be used to follow up with your prospects in the future through an email campaign, call or a different approach

Subscription price

Our services are very personalized, based on your business, target audience and other factors we will craft an special offer just for you


  • 3000 connections with the target audience
  • Straightforward messaging (2 levels)

    This campaign includes two messages. The first one we will send with the connection request, and the other once we are accepted as a connection.

  • On-going support and process optimization
  • Database of Target audience

    Every prospect that accepts our connection request will be added to our database (spreadsheet), with all the information you might require in the future - his name, title, company name, email address, phone number etc. Such list will be updated daily.

  • Monthly reports
Good choice if you want a straightaway approach with focus on high volume in shortest time possible
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Includes all BASIC features, plus:

  • Complex Message Script

    We will continue our conversation with the leads on your behalf following a complex script. This way you will save your time replying to standard messages. Every unique question from the prospects will be added to the script with your reply so that we will keep developing such script continuously.

  • Weekly reports & suggestions on campaign optimization
  • LinkedIn profile optimization

    Better profile = better conversions. We make sure you have the best profile.

More complex approach for those who want to investin into warming up the lead and avoid direct sales.
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Includes all ADVANCED features, plus:

  • Continuous A/B testing and optimization

    It is important to optimize any marketing activity so that with time-passing your ROI will be only increasing. One way of doing it is continuous A/B testing, where we would try different approaches in order to determine the best target audience, messages and other components of our campaign.

  • Leads to CRM automation

    We would synchronize our spreadsheet with leads with your CRM, so that any time we receive a new lead, or if there would be any change in the status of existing leads - your CRM will be automatically updated and your sales team will be notified.

  • Automated drip campaign

    There will be a plenty of leads who will never reply to us on LinkedIn for different reasons, for that reason we would set up an alternative channel to reach them - email drip campaign. Those unresponsive leads will be automatically moved to such campaign. This is a huge campaign booster.

Our most elegant campaign for a business that wants a little more than a warm lead and has time for its development.
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