B2B Marketer

Respect.Studio is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a key focus on the B2B area, established in 2015.

Essentially – we are a team of digital marketing enthusiasts (or rather ‘digital natives’) helping businesses to generate leads and build brands using alternative marketing channels. Our main expertise lies within LinkedIn and we consider ourselves as one of the best teams in this niche.

  •  We have two offices: one – in Lviv, Ukraine, and another one – in Toronto, Canada.
  •  We provide services to clients from all over the world (mostly from the US, Canada, and Australia).
  •  There are more than 200 clients from different industries in our track record and more than 300 successful projects completed.
  •  2019 was an extremely fruitful year for us, we were recognized as a Top 2019 Digital Marketing Agency in Ukraine and top B2B Marketing Agency worldwide in Clutch.co rating.
  •  Our team is constantly growing at a tremendous pace (from 6 to 15 people within a year) and you might be exactly whom we need!

    Your job would be to…

  •  Develop, execute & support customers’ marketing campaigns.
  •  Identify potential new customers who meet the client’s ideal customer profile guidelines.
  •  Leverage market researchlead gen performance, and buyer behavior to:
  •  create an outbound strategy
  •  help align UVP/USP to sequence cadence
  •  measure campaign performance
  •  Develop and plan a messaging strategy — you’ll need to identify a suitable approach to deliver the client’s key message within a lead-generation campaign, using both information from the client and data collected with market research.
  •  Generate creative new avenues for finding new customers — no limit to the extent of creativity you can introduce in this process. What new platform is our potential users spending their time on? What new tools are available to help you speed up your outreach?
  •  Active team play and management skills — you’ll work closely with the Project Manager, Content Creators and Lead Generation Manager on the execution of client marketing campaigns.
  •  Collaborate with the marketing strategy team on specific steps of the marketing strategy development:
  •  cold outbound strategy (LinkedIn, Email)
  •  job marketplaces strategy
  •  outbound goal setting and measurement

    What success looks like:

  •  Hitting and exceeding targets — Your job is to generate new business and new interest for Respect.Studio clients. We will specify clear targets (e.g. campaign reply rate, number of meetings generated).
  •  Cold outbound expertise — You’ll become a forerunner and proactively share constructive feedback to drive company’s lead generation development. And when someone asks what we do, you know the details and can describe them more clearly than anyone else.
  •  Perseverance and grit — Just. Keep. Going. Which should be doable… Failure and making mistakes are okay, as long as you learn from the journey. We value team players who own their mistakes and keep their focus.
  •  Adapting the process — Re-write the playbook, and then re-write it again the next week… without getting frustrated! Constant iteration in response to the messaging, formats and platforms that are working best – you’re always learning and curious about what to test next.
  •  Hungry for more — reliably hitting the target will result in speedy role progression. We’re a young team all striving for speedy progress. You should be too, and success in this role will open up opportunities you may want to pursue: sales development, marketing… you name it.
  •  A whole lot of fun — You have a clear, focused job to do… but there’ll be plenty of opportunity for team-wide mucking in and joking around. Bring humor, creativity, and a whole lot of wackiness to the table every day to get the most out of our small team agility.


    – Essential

  •  Sales & Marketing balance — you don’t have to be a mastermind in both (by any means), but you need to know the game. You should understand the B2B buying process and how sales & marketing impact new sales opportunities (revenue).
  •  Laser focussed — you’ve got the ability to lock in for a few hours and just churn through an outbound motion in order to drive quick results on a new test or process.
  •  Digital ninja — speed is of the essence, so you’ll be in your element whizzing around Chrome, Linkedin and Gmail at a million miles an hour.
  •  Ownership mentality — Proactive and able to take full responsibility for a workflow, from inception through to execution, measuring results, refining the process, and going again.
  •  I’ll figure it out — the ability to work in a dynamic environment in which the requirements are not always well defined and priorities change frequently
    – Desirable (NOT mandatory)
  •  Experience in sales and objection-handling
  •  Experience working in a marketing agency
  •  Experience in B2B lead generation (e.g. script writing, developing cold sequences) or sales
  •  Demonstrated interest in B2B tech
  •  Comfortable in supporting and working with customers

    Working with us you get:

  •  Comfortable office in the city center (10 min walking to Rynok square).
  •  A friendly, yet professional team, full of interesting personalities whom it will be a pleasure to spend time with;
  •  Ability to work remotely and with flexible schedules;
  •  Opportunity to grow quickly as a professional in various areas. Our projects are far from being standard, so you will have a huge space to showcase your creativity;
  •  Competitive salary with a rich bonus system for your proactivity;
  •  Support and promotion of training (at the expense of the company);

    We’re waiting for your application!

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