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Who we are?

Respect.Studio is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a key focus on B2B, established in 2015.

Essentially – we are a team of digital marketing enthusiasts or rather ‘digital natives’ helping businesses to generate leads and build brands using alternative marketing channels. Our main expertise lies within LinkedIn and we consider ourselves as one of the best teams in this niche.

  •  We have two offices: one – in Lviv, Ukraine, and another one – in North America, we’ve got team members from Canada.
  •  We provide services to clients from all over the world mostly from the US, Canada, and Australia.
  •  There are more than 200 clients from different industries in our track record and more than 300 successful projects completed.
  •  Our team is constantly growing at a tremendous pace from 15 to 30 people within a year and you might be exactly who we need!


Who are we looking for?

Must have:

  •  Soft skills: creative thinking, perseverance, problem-solving, communication.
  •  Proficiency in English is a must, as it’s our primer language for communication, documentation, and all things work-related.
  •  Understanding of B2B world – reaching out to business decision-makers is different from reaching out to consumers, so you need to know who your prospects are and what they care about.
  •  Important — 99% of our work is done online, so yeah, we expect you to be a proficient PC user. Most likely, you have no problems with using a laptop, Google Sheets and Google Docs, and different tools but still, need to mention it anyway, just in case 😉

Would be a bonus:

  • Basic know-how of HTML and web publishing.



  • Actively communicate project status and roadblocks to completion to the team members.
  • Ensure all finished work is executed in high quality, meeting all strategic and creative, communication, and technical requirements across the board
  • Maintain ongoing awareness of current trends and best practices and a commitment to personal growth and development. 
  • Writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for client’s websites, blogs, marketing materials, and similar platforms.
  • Conducting research and interviews to learn more about current trends, developments, and perceptions about the subject matter, and then contextualizing your findings.
  • Assisting the creative team with the design of promotional materials.
  • Using social media to engage consumers, respond to questions or complaints, and to promote company initiatives.


We offer:

  •  Comfortable office in the city center 10 min walking to Rynok square;
  •  A friendly, yet professional team, full of interesting personalities whom it will be a pleasure to spend time with;
  •  Ability to work remotely and with flexible schedules;
  •  Opportunity to grow quickly as a professional in various marketing areas. Our projects are far from being standard, so you will have a huge space to show your creativity;
  •  A wide variety of tools to work with;
  •  Performance-based monthly bonus plus base salary;
  •  Support and promotion of training at the expense of the company;
  •  A personal development plan with clear goals and possible rewards;
  •  Ability to implement your own initiatives within the company;

We’re waiting for your application;)

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