Junior Project Manager


Who are we looking for?

– Excellent communication skills (with team and clients, you should be able to ask the right questions, and make competent summaries) – we work as a team, so being a lone wolf will work against you

– B2-C1 English. Our team communicates in English, so having high communication skills in this language is important for us to work comfortably;

– Attention to detail;

– Strong management skills (both, self-management and team management);

– Understanding of Digital Marketing basics. Well, you are going to manage the digital marketing team, so this one is a no-brainer; We value the desire to grow;

– Creativity and flexibility;

– Adaptability – our clients vary from SaaS to FinTech, to WorkTech and so on, so we need a person who can learn on the go


Would be a plus if you have...

– Upsell skills – you’ll need to encourage our clients to buy additional services 


What are the responsibilities:

– Communication. It includes communication both with clients to get an in-depth understanding of their business objectives and with teammates to align on goals and deliverables.

– Onboarding and Campaign Management;

– Strategizing & Planning. We commit to long-term campaigns, and your role would be to oversee long-term goals;

– Organizing & Monitoring. You’ll be working closely with remote and freelance workers, so your primary responsibilities will be to collect, coordinate and prioritize project requirements, manage the timing and quality delivery of tasks fulfilled on the project;

– Analytics & Reporting. Your task here is to keep track of all work produced and distributed for the clients, so you’ll have to keep track of content metrics, analyze trends/patterns and provide actionable recommendations for optimization.

– Team Management. You’ll be coordinating cooperation between our team, freelancers, and clients. 

– Proactivity in optimizing PM processes and generation of ideas to improve campaigns. We value proactivity, so if you have some ideas on how to optimize our processes – tell us)

– Encouraging customers to buy additional services than what they originally intended to purchase

– Client Troubleshooting.


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