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Are you one of those master communicators who want to practice English at work, not just on Netflix?

We’ve got an option for you: build a career in international Sales or Account Management within our team.


Who we are

Respect.Studio is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a key focus on the B2B area, established in 2015.

Essentially – we are a team of digital marketing enthusiasts (or rather ‘digital natives’) helping businesses to generate leads and build brands using alternative marketing channels. Our main expertise lies within LinkedIn and we consider ourselves as one of the best teams in this niche.

  • We have two offices: one – in Lviv, Ukraine, and another one – in Toronto, Canada.
  • We provide services to clients from all over the world (mostly from the US, Canada, and Australia). 
  • There are more than 200 clients from different industries in our track record and more than 300 successful projects completed. 
  • 2019 was an extremely fruitful year for us, we were recognized as a Top 2019 Digital Marketing Agency in Ukraine and top B2B Marketing Agency worldwide in rating. 
  • Our team is constantly growing at a tremendous pace (from 6 to 15 people within a year) and you might be exactly whom we need! 


Who are we looking for?

We are in need of a stunning, energetic person who will help us grow even further by contributing to the number of new clients and sales we make. You will be one of the main warriors standing at the forefront of Respect.Studio’s growth and development, having a great power of influence and a big diversity of tasks.

Right now, our sales activities are covered by 3 people, but the amount of work out there reasonably exceeds our current capacity. Therefore, we need YOU to help with this part.

Must have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous experience in working and communicating with foreign clients (sales experience would be perfect, customer service would also suit)
  • Ability to learn fast. It’s okay if you don’t have lots of sales skills or experience – we are ready to provide you with the necessary knowledge, but you need to absorb it quickly and properly
  • Understanding of Digital Marketing basics. Well, you are going to sell digital marketing services, so this one is a no-brainer
  • Principal — 99% of our work is done online, so yeah, we expect you to be a proficient PC user. Most likely, you have no problems with using a laptop, Google Sheets and Google Docs, and different tools but still, need to mention this anyway, just in case ? 
  • High stress resistance (not all of the leads you talk to will be cutie-pies ?)


Would be a bonus:

  • Experience in selling digital services to the foreign B2B market;
  • Soft skills: flexibility, creative thinking, ability to accept and apply feedback, and perseverance)
  • Experience working in the marketing industry;
  • LinkedIn user experience;
  • Multi-tasking skill (you will be covering multiple small tasks, so it will be a pleasant bonus if you can multi-task sometimes, still, not necessarily);
  • Experience working in international teams.


What are the responsibilities:

You will be working in close cooperation with our sales managers, and you will be responsible for assisting them with particular areas of their work and, eventually, fully taking over some of it. Here are some of the tasks you will have to deal with:


  • Answering inbound requests (from leads who are already interested and approached us themselves)
  • Handling initial communication with potential leads (and qualifying them) to get them interested and ready to jump on the call with us;
  • Managing the sales process and setting timely tasks for you and other sales team members
  • Selecting and noting only the important information mentioned during calls with prospects
  • Selecting suitable for us Upwork projects and applying for them;
  • Following up leads from our CRM (whom we’ve already talked to);
  • Putting together sales proposals (or partially helping with it);
  • Eventually – getting on the sales calls (first – together with us, then – alone) and bringing new clients to us ?;

We have a solid sales process with a proven track of record. For you, this is an opportunity to work with a professional sales team that knows how to work with leads from their search to the moment of their nurturing and closing. 


Working with us you get:

  • Comfortable office in the city center (10 min walking to Rynok square). 
  • A friendly, yet professional team, full of interesting personalities whom it will be a pleasure to spend time with;
  • Ability to work remotely and with flexible schedules;
  • Opportunity to grow quickly as a professional in various areas. Our projects are far from being standard, so you will have a huge space to showcase your creativity;
  • Competitive salary with a rich bonus system for your proactivity;
  • Support and promotion of training (at the expense of the company);


We’re waiting for your application!

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