Sales Manager

You will handle a whole sales cycle within the company’s client acquisition division as a Sales Executive. Inside sales help and B2B will help you build and implement outreach initiatives, find new markets, persuade decision-makers, and close new business. This is a fantastic chance for anyone who wants to advance in their sales career!

Our team is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a critical focus on B2B. We value open communication, empathy, compassion, flexibility, and proactive learning, so our primer goal is to find a colleague who shares them. We care about each other, our progress, and our growth, so each new bee not only gets professional opportunities but support and a safe environment as well. Oh, and we love memes:)

We’re looking for somebody who values consistency and loves to keep content processes neat and clean.

Note: Sales Manager will be one of the primer roles in our campaigns, so we’re looking for someone located in Lviv (priority) to share online and offline experiences with us.

Here are a few things we want to see in our ideal candidate:

  •  Proficiency in English is a must, as it’s our primer language for communication, documentation, and all things work-related.
  •  Understanding of B2B world – reaching out to business decision-makers is different from reaching out to consumers, so you need to know who your prospects are and what they care about.
  •  Previous experience in sales working and communicating with foreign clients (B2B sales experience would be perfect, customer service would also suit)
  •  Understanding of Digital Marketing basics. Well, you are going to sell
  •  Excellent time management skills and a keen eye for detail.
  •  Strong verbal and written communication ability;
  •  Team player with the rest of the team.
  •  Vital — 99% of our work is done online, so yeah, we expect you to be a proficient PC user. Most likely, you have no problems with using a laptop, Google Sheets/Docs, and different sales tools, but still need to mention this anyway, just in case:)
  •  High-stress resistance (not all of the leads you talk to will be cutie-pies)It would be a bonus:
  •  Experience in selling digital services to the foreign B2B market;
  •  Soft skills: creative thinking, perseverance, problem-solving, communication.
  •  Experience working in the marketing industry;
  •  LinkedIn user experience;What are the responsibilities:
  •  You will receive both inbound and outbound types of leads, and we expect you to..close them 🙂
  •  Ok, let’s get over the details (mind that you will have a sales assistant working closely with you and helping you with the majority of the tasks):
  •  Answering inbound requests (from leads who are already interested and approached us themselves);
  •  Building a sales pipeline to ensure a constant stream of sales;
  •  Following up leads from our CRM (whom we’ve already talked to);
  •  Creating your network of leads (using internal team and personal activities, such as networking events);
  •  Finalizing sales proposals;
  •  Closing the deal ;Working with us you get:
  •  Comfortable office in the city center (10 min walking to Rynok square).
  •  A friendly, yet professional team, full of interesting personalities whom it will be a pleasure to spend time with;
  •  Ability to work remotely and with flexible schedules;
  •  Opportunity to grow quickly as a professional in various areas. Our projects are far from being standard, so you will have a huge space to showcase your creativity;
  •  A wide variety of tools to work with;
  •  Performance-based salary (part of it will be based on your commission);
  •  Sales Assistant who will be responsible for supporting you and your leads through the sales process;
  •  Support and promotion of training (at the expense of the company);
  •  Leads supply from our team;
  •  Support in the creation of sales materials;
  •  A personal development plan with clear goals and possible rewards;
  •  Ability to implement your initiatives within the company.
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