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How to cope with “negative” leads or how to never get one?

Despite the fact that #leadgeneration is what we’re good at, there are other stages of the sales cycle you need to pay attention to. Sometimes, when you are contacting your leads, you may notice that your chat is full of antipathy.😒


How to cope with “negative” leads or how to never get one?
The answer lies in your approach. “The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.” (David Ogilvy). If we use this analogy, the “negative” lead is your wife who does not love you anymore. But is there a chance to restore your relations?


Sure, you just have to stop pushing your client towards your #sales funnel. Just like in any other human relations, try to focus on how you can help a person without losing a lot of your budget. If there is no way for you to do that – be bold enough and let it go.



Here’s an interesting case: We have contacted our clients’ prospect (blue) and received no answer for three days.

case screenshot
end of the first message before we received any answers


After he answered with an emoji, our client (green) decided to follow him up with a personal message and received immediate feedback, which turned out into a call. Just as your wife, your clients love your attention.

case screenshot 2

an example of turning a very neutral answer into a lead


To avoid those “not-loving wives” in future – consider creating leads organically, because the lead you have bought is not a lead. The one does not know anything about you and they just continue receiving emails from some random #company.


Here at Respect.Studio, we are proud to provide only organic hot leads, who are well aware of our clients’ services. We do it using different strategies, follow our page to find out how it’s done.

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